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Greenhouse and Energy Auditor

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) administers schemes legislated by the Australian Government for measuring, managing, reducing or offsetting Australia’s carbon emissions.

The assurance requirements for each scheme are underpinned by the NGERS audit framework.  To be eligible to conduct assurance engagements under any of the schemes, the assurance practitioner must be a registered greenhouse and energy auditor (RGEA).

Robert Edwards, Director of C&N Audit Services has been a Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditor (Category 2) for the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency since 2011 providing Greenhouse Assurance including:


  • Voluntary Assurance Audits
  • Safeguard Mechanism (SGM)
  • Peer Review Engagements
  • Reasonable Assurance NGER Lead Audit Roles on behalf of the CER


Emissions Reduction Fund (EFT) / Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI)

ERF Audit Services across all methodologies, for example:-

  • Capture and combustion of gas (landfill, biogas)
  • Land sector – various
  • Fugitive emissions


Renewable Energy Target (RET)

  • Large-scale RET – renewable power stations ( wind, solar etc.)
  • Small-scale Renewable energy scheme (Solar)
C&N Audit Services located in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane Australia offers a full range of Audit Services and assist clients across Australia with a variety of Audit and Assurance needs.

CLIMATE ACTIVE formerly National Carbon Offset Scheme – NCOS

  • Carbon Neutral Certification – Verification and Reasonable Assurance Audits


C&N Audit Services is registered on the Audit Panel of IPART.


  • Scheme Participants (electricity retailers) For Scheme Participants, go to to the Auditing Energy Savings Statements  page for more information about audits (including the specific Audit Scope for these audits).


  • Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) – Providers of Energy Certificates (ESCs)

Audit Scopes of Accredited Certificate Providers (ACP’s) for audits of energy saving certificate (ESC) creation, or proposed ESC creation detail the nature and scope of the services that are required to be provided by an auditor in undertaking these audits.


They include:

    • Verifying calculations carried out by an ACP in the course of creating (or proposing to create) ESCs
    • Verifying an ACP’s ongoing eligibility, including record keeping arrangements, under the Energy Savings Scheme.

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