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GPFR Financials

Can I ask how often you are required to present Financial Statements in General Purpose Format (GPFR) ?


If you are required to present financials in this fashion for some of your clients, this format can be cumbersome and time consuming to complete. 

Our audit software CaseWare, facilitates the presentation of a final trial balance into a GPFR format providing a full set of financials for any of your clients.  We can White Label this service so your client does not need to know we exist. You get to save time trying to prepare long hand GPFR financials which have to comply with all the relevant accounting standards.

GPFR Financial Statements prepared by Auditors in Brisbane, C&N Audit Services auditor providing Audit and Assurance Services Australia.

At C&N Audit Services, we are experienced in the preparation of these documents, and offer this as a part of our referral partnerships, in the same way you would have another professional auditing your clients’ self-managed super funds.

This allows you to proceed with your daily workflow without having to take unnecessary time out of your day to prepare the documents yourself.

C&N Audit Services not only do SMSF Audits, but we can can help you with all other audits as Robert is an RCA.


If you have a need of our services, please contact Robert Edwards on 0417 784 919 or email at

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