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C&N Audit Services located in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Queensland offers a full range of Audit Services and assist clients across Australia with a variety of Audit and Assurance needs.

C&N Audit Services is a specialist team of independent Audit professionals. We can work with individuals, companies and professional service firms (e.g. Accounting firms, Legal firms, and Real Estate Agents) to meet their audit requirements and assurance needs with the thorough and quality audit services we provide (Australia-wide).

  • Companies and disclosing entities under the Corporations Act 2001 that are required to report to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC);
  • Trust Accounts for Real Estate Agents, Management Rights, Accountants & Lawyers;
  • Australian Financial Services Licensees (AFSL);
  • Incorporated Associations;
  • Audit Referral Partner for Accounting Firms without a specialist auditor;
  • Bodies Corporate (Strata Title);
  • Superannuation Funds (SMSFs),
    SMSF Audit / Self-Managed Super Fund Audit;
  • Controlled Foreign Corporations;
  • Businesses requiring audits to satisfy bank lending covenants; 
  • Gaming Licensees and Grant Recipients.
C&N Audit Services - Auditors in Brisbane. We can work with individuals, companies and professional service firms (e.g. Accounting firms, Legal firms, and Real Estate Agents)

“The Audit process pieces together the puzzle and gives a clearer picture of the organisation’s true financial position. Only a registered auditor is qualified to conduct the audit process to comply with the many legislative and regulatory requirements.”

‘Peace of mind’ and assured compliance means obtaining a Quality Audit Review by C&N Audit Services. It all starts with a conversation with one of our experienced Auditors about your audit needs.

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    Who Benefits From the Audit Process?

    Most experts agree that the real value of the audit process goes far beyond ‘ticking a box’ to satisfy legal requirements. In fact, having independent and unbiased auditors – such as the team at C&N Audit Services in Brisbane – can confirm that an organisation’s claims about its financial position and the process behind these claims, are true and fair. This level of assurance is useful for a wide range of reasons and applications:-

    In addition to satisfying legal requirements, the audit process has a number of beneficial applications for a variety of key stakeholders, and in some instances an audit would be required to satisfy their specific needs:-

    • Investors and Shareholders
      A trusted Auditor’s opinion and verification of how well run a company provides directors, shareholders and potential investors a higher level of assurance of the quality of their (potential) investment. Furthermore, the Audit Process can give the owners of the business assurance on their Internal Controls and Systems.
      An independent Auditor evaluates and recommends changes to internal controls, for example with respect to authorisation of financial transactions to ensure there are clear rules and policies in place. This provides assurance of sound financial governance within the business and may help to minimise misuse or unauthorised access to company accounts and funds.
    • Potential Investors, New Partners or Buyers in the Business Sale or Succession Planning Process. An independent Audit conducted by a registered company auditor is a vital tool in determining the value of shares or the value of the organisation as a whole. The findings from a quality audit report would be useful in due diligence processes in preparation for the sale of a business, mergers, acquisitions or entrance of a new managing director / partner.
    • Company Accountants or Finance Directors
      Findings from an independent auditor can provide assurance to financial controllers (CFO’s) that their processes and calculations are true and accurate, and assist them to make adjustments based on the recommendations in the Auditors Management Letter.
    • Financial Institutions such as Banks, Credit Unions and some Insurance Providers. Lenders often request verification of financial statements by an independent party to satisfy loan requirements or bank lending covenants. An independent auditor is able to provide the assurance banks require for an organisation to get access to needed finance product(s).
    • Legal and Industry Regulators
      Last by not least, Audits satisfy requirements of the Australia Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC).

    C & N Audit Services - Kangaroo Point, Brisbane Qld


    You can rely on C&N Audit Services to deliver Quality Audits

    “Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of the organisation’s operation and business, risk assessment and review of internal controls.”


    Our Audit Methodology


    • C&N Audit Services comprises a balanced team of qualified professionals with more than 70 years of audit experience.
    • The C & N Audit Services team specialises only in Audit & Assurance Services, so we are not distracted by other accounting assignments.
    • Therefore, we can focus on delivering quality audit services within an agreed turnaround time to ensure deadlines are met.
    • We ensure that our audit services are effective and responsive to client needs with a high level of interaction and communication, which guarantees there are no surprises for the client.
    • Our Approach is based on a thorough understanding of the organisation’s operation and business, risk assessment and review of internal controls.
    • Our Audit Planning is tailored to achieve the stated audit objectives with testing designed at the assertion level.
    • Our Audit process provides the agreed level of assurance across the financial statements as a whole, in accordance with relevant Legislation, current Australian Accounting Standards and Auditing Standards.

    (07)3391 6322 for your Free Initial Consultation.

    C&N Audit Services is a specialist team of independent Audit professionals offering a full range of Audit Services and assist clients across Australia with a variety of Audit and Assurance needs.


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