Dear All,

We have the greatest pleasure to let you know about some exciting developments in our practice. From 1 July 2019, C&N Audit Services (CNAS) is merging with LNP Audit and Assurance Pty Ltd (LNP): ABN 65 155 188 837

L14 309 Kent St Sydney NSW 2000

T +61 2 9290 8515

L24 570 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000
T +61 3 8658 5928

L1 180 Main St Kangaroo Pt Brisbane QLD 4169
T +61 7 3391 6322

LNP is a significant independent specialist audit and assurance firm with a demonstrable reputation for high quality. LNP offers a team with depth and experience, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Manila, and Brisbane. The combined team has with 5 Directors, 7 Registered Company Auditors, and 20 team members.

LNP’s core competencies lie with private clients, growing entities, smaller listed entities, national and international groups, financial services, and not for profits. No other independent audit and assurance firm offers this level of specialist expertise and experience.

Benefits to you

CNAS has been working closely with LNP over the past year to harmonise systems, training and quality control, and we are extremely happy. We strongly believe that this will benefit you our clients, and our team, as we will better be able to meet all of your needs on a go forward basis.

We are providing our services under the name LNP Audit and Assurance from 1 July 2019. Our new name encompasses both the audit and the assurance elements of our services. You will be familiar with financial statement audits, and we also provide assurance over a number of areas including prospectuses, contract reviews, and Greenhouse and Energy assurance, and systems and other assurance.

We look forward to catching up and telling you more about this exciting development.


Robert Edwards, Director




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